Avoiding Auto Crimes

  1. Keep your spare keys in your wallet, not in your car.
  2. Invest in a good anti-theft device.
  3. Close windows and lock doors.
  4. Avoid parking behind fences or hedges.
  5. At home, light your driveway all night. Elsewhere, park in well-lit areas near pedestrian traffic.
  6. After opening an automatic gate to underground parking, watch out for thieves waiting to slip inside. Wait for the gate to close behind you.
  7. Watch for people around your home when you are arriving and leaving your garage.
  8. Engrave your stereo and other onboard valuables with your social security number.
  9. If you have an expensive stereo or other component purchase the type that has a removable take with panel.
  10. Replace license plate screws with special star or allen head screws to make it more difficult for thieves to steal your plates. Also consider buying a clear cover to prevent the theft of your license plate sticker. Another option is, taking a razor blade and make several cuts through the decal sticker. This will prevent thieves from removing the sticker in one piece.
  11. When stopping at red lights and stop signs, do not pull up close to the car in front of you. Allow space for an exit if needed in case of car-jacking robbery etc. Also, it is a common insurance scam for a person to back up into you and claim that you rear ended them. Their “witness” will be the person in the car right behind you who is there partner in crime. By allowing space, this will cause the person to have to back up a greater distance, allowing you time to react and possibly deter them trying their act in the first place.