All administrative services can be handled at one of three buildings in downtown Shepherdsville.

  • Bullitt County Courthouse (300 S. Buckman St)
  • Bullitt County Judicial Center (250 Frank E. Simon)
  • Bullitt County Courthouse Annex Building (Nina Mooney Annex)


The Bullitt County Sheriffs Office, like other Sheriff Office’s through out the state of Kentucky, provides the following services to the citizens of their county. Kentucky Law mandates some of the Services provided while other Services are essential and insure the effective daily operation of the Sheriff’s Office.


As mandated by KRS. 134.140, the Sheriff is responsible for the collection of all state, county, consolidated local government, and district taxes, unless the payment thereof is, by law, especially directed to be made to some other officer. Taxes for property are based on assessments made by the Property Valuation Administrator of the county. Tax Bills are mailed out yearly by the later part of September. The Bullitt County Sheriffs Office mailed in excess of 30,000 individual Tax Bills for 2005. Property Taxes that are paid by October 31st reflect a 2% discount. Those paid during the months of November and December are for the actual amount of the bill with no discount. Tax Bills paid in the month of January reflect a 5% penalty that increases to 21% if paid in February. Delinquent (unpaid) Taxes receive a second notice by mail in March followed by being published in the newspaper in April if they are not paid. Any unpaid Taxes that remain are subject to a Tax Sale at the end of April. Tax revenues collected are dispersed to the State, County, Schools, Health Department, County Extension Service, Fire Department, and Library.


All vehicles that are purchased in another state as well as vehicles from other states that will be licensed in Bullitt County Kentucky require an inspection by the Sheriffs Office. This inspection is required by Law and must be done before the Vehicle Transfer and Licensing process can continue at the Bullitt County Clerks Office. For further questions or to arrange an inspection, please contact the Bullitt County Sheriffs Office Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 p.m. Someone will be available on Thursday until 6:00pm.


The Process / Warrant Clerk is responsible for receiving, logging, organizing, and processing all court and civil paperwork that is received by the Bullitt County Sheriffs Office. Paper work that is hand delivered to citizens to whom it is directed is referred to as “Process”. Process consists of, but is not limited to Court Summons, Subpoenas, Court Orders, Warrants, Emergency Protective Orders, Domestic Violence Orders, and Various Civil Process (not of a criminal nature). The Process / Warrant Clerk coordinates with the clerks of the Circuit and District Courts of Bullitt County daily regarding changes in the status of pending and current Process. All process to be delivered or “Served” is then forwarded to the Process Sergeant for delivery. The Process / Warrant Clerk maintains and updates the Warrant File daily regarding warrants that have been served or recalled by the court and coordinates with the Bullitt County Attorney and Commonwealth Attorney to enter warrants into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).


CCDW (Carry Concealed Deadly Weapon) License – Classes are conducted by Licensed Instructors independently of the Sheriff’s Office. A complete list of approved instructors is available at the Sheriff’s Office during normal business hours.


The Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office records and maintains the disposition of all property and evidence submitted regarding investigations and orders of the court. This is accomplished utilizing a current computerized property management system. The system assigns a bar code and logs the time each piece of evidence or property is received and tracks the disposition of the particular property or evidence should it need to be submitted for further forensic testing. This also insures the integrity of the proper chain of custody of any evidence that may be introduced regarding any court trial. The Bullitt County Sheriffs Office maintains a current membership with The International Association for Property and Evidence, Inc. and continues to strive to utilize the best and current evidence management resourcescurrently available.


134.140 Sheriff is tax collector — Collections to begin on delivery of tax bills — Investment of tax revenues until time of distribution — Disposition of investment earnings.

(1) The sheriff, by virtue of his office, shall be collector of all state, county. Consolidated local government, and district taxes, unless the payment thereof is, by law, especially directed to be made to some other officer. Where provision is not otherwise made for the collection of taxes, the assessment or proportion thereof allowable to a local taxing district shall be certified to the clerk of the court of thecounty or the clerk of the consolidated local government which constitutes or in which such taxing district is located, for collection as provided by law.

(2) The sheriff shall not receive or receipt for any taxes until the tax bills have been delivered to him by the county clerk, as provided in KRS 133.220 and 133.230.

(3) (a) The sheriff, except in urban-county governments, may, and at the direction of the fiscal court or a consolidated local government shall, invest any tax revenues held in his possession from the time of collection until the time of distribution to the proper taxing authorities pursuant to KRS 134.300, 134.320, and 160.510. Investments by the sheriff shall be restricted to those permitted by KRS 66.480.

(b) At the time of his monthly distribution of taxes to the district board of education. the sheriff shall pay to the board of education that part of his investment earnings for the month which is attributable to the investment of school taxes, but this subsection shall not be construed to prohibit the sheriff from obtaining his expenses not to exceed the rate of four percent (4%) of the earned monthly investment income for the administration of this investment fund.

(c) In those counties where the sheriff pays his fees and commissions to the county and the salaries and expenses of his office are paid by the county. The sheriff shall pay to the county treasurer the investment earnings, other than those paid to the board of education in compliance with paragraph (b) of this subsection, at the time of his monthly distribution of taxes to the county.

(d) In those counties where the office of sheriff is funded in whole or in part by fees and commissions, the sheriff may use investment earnings, other than those which must be paid to the board of education in compliance with paragraph (b) of this subsection, to pay lawful expenses of his office, and the remainder shall be paid to the fiscal court or a consolidated local government at the time of the sheriffs annual settlement for county, consolidated local government, and district taxes and excess fees.

Effective: July 15, 2002
History: Amended 2002 Ky. Acts ch. 346. sec. 170, effective July 15, 2002. — Amended 1982 Ky. Acts ch. 57. sec. 2, March 9, 1982. — Recodified 1942 K. Acts ch. 208. sec. I. effective October 1, 1942, from Ky. Stat. secs. 4067.41 14h-2, 4129.