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Auto Inspections

If you or your company has purchased an automobile in or imported an automobile from another state, Kentucky law requires that a certified automobile inspector perform an inspection of that automobile prior to licensing. The Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office has a number of Deputies who are certified automobile inspectors. Please Contact our Office at 502-543-2514 if you would like to set up an inspection appointment. The Kentucky Revised Statutes set the fee for this service at $5.00 per automobile. If you would like for us to inspect anautomobile at your location, the Kentucky Revised Statutes requires an additional fee of $10.00.


A deputy or other person, certified in vehicle inspections, will check the vehicle identification number (VIN) and compare it with the number on the Title or Certificate of Origin. This information, along with the vehicle’s mileage, is recorded on a Kentucky Application for Certificate of Title/Registration Form. You must take this completed form to the County Clerk to obtain your Kentucky license plate. The inspector WILL also check the vehicle for all safety features, including lights, wipers, horn, turn signals, glass, brakes, etc.

Click here to review KRS 186A.115 for more information pertaining to the inspection of motor vehicles in Kentucky.

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