Hackers, Not Just a Concern for Businesses. Consumers often think that Hackers would not want to waste their time trying to access a home computer. They believe Hackers are only interested in business websites. These consumers are misinformed. Studies have shown that a hacker attack is no longer just a concern for businesses.

The home computer is vulnerable as well. Hackers can obtain a substantial amount of information from your PC such as, passwords, financial information, phone numbers, addresses, and other personal information that may be used to steal your identity. Many home computers are now connected to the Internet via DSL or cable. This type of connection is more susceptible to hacking because the computer is always on.

The best defense is to use a Firewall. A firewall blocks attempted intrusions and provides a log, which gives you information about the attempted access.
You should also always keep your software and Operating System up to date so that hackers cannot enter into known “back-doors”. Make sure to download any security patches that are released. This will ensure that your protection is up-to-date.